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Semiotic Engineering Books

Conversations around Semiotic Engineering - Cover 
Barbosa, S.D.J. and Breitman, K.K. (Eds.) Conversations around Semiotic Engineering. Springer, 2017
Chapters written by: Terry Winograd, Liam Bannon, Susanne Bødker, Gerhard Fischer, Alan Blackwell, Mihai Nadin, Allen Cypher, Ernest Edmonds, Raquel Prates, and Carla Leitão.

de Souza, C.S., Cerqueira, R.F.G., Afonso, L.M., Brandão, R.R.M. and Ferreira, J.S.J. Software Developers as Users - Semiotic Investigations in Human Centered Development. Springer. 2016

Salgado, L.C.C., Leitão, C.F. and de Souza, C.S. A Journey through Culture - Metaphors for Guiding the Design of Cross-Cultural Interactive Systems. Springer. 2013

de Souza, C.S. and Leitão, C.F. Semiotic Engineering methods for scientific research in HCI. Morgan & Claypool. 2009

de Souza, C.S. The Semiotic Engineering of Human-Computer Interaction. The MIT Press. 2005


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